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Generation Ignite
"Developing leaders one generation at a time."

Executive Leadership Academy
Who is this training for:
  • Those who have a desire to lead.

  • Those who have a desire to lead a more fulfilling life.

  • Those seeking to find their purpose in life.

  • Those seeking to grow personally and professionally as a leader.

  • Those who have a desire to lead others in a more productive way.

  • Those who are seeking to become great at leading other leaders.

  • Those who seek to understand how great leaders think, speak and lead.

Essential Questions for those seeking our training
Current Leaders do you:
  1. Want to have the best employees?

  2. Want to improve the quality of your employees?

  3. Want to become more respected by your employees?

  4. Want to increase the overall creativity, productivity and other essential attributes of your greatest assets?

Aspiring Leaders do you:
  1. Want more out of life?

  2. Want to be successful?

  3. Want the ability to inspire/positively influence others?

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