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“If you go through life casually, you will end up a casualty” That is why leaders must have a vision.

Leaders are people with purpose. They’re not stuck in the past. They have a vision for what the future can be, and that vision drives them to keep working today to make that future a reality. When other people see that kind of vision, they buy into it and see themselves as part of it. That’s what makes a leader someone people want to follow. What about you? Do you have a vision? Are you moving towards it? In this workshop, we’ll help you discover your purpose and develop a vision for the future that can motivate you in the present. You’ll be inspired by examples of great leaders, like Dr. King, who were driven by a great vision. You’ll also learn practical ways to keep yourself and your team moving forward, such as how to establish goals and prioritize time effectively.​

"You don't have to be GREAT to get started but you have to get started to be GREAT!"

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