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Public Speaking Training

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The importance of having good public speaking skills.


Your ability to communicate powerfully is your most important professional skill. For building trust, influencing stakeholders, and attaining your business goals. Developing your speaking skills is a smart investment. After all, when it comes to moving key audiences, you can't stand outside yourself and judge how you're doing. 


During this training session, you will discover how to use your best instrument - yourself - to speak with exceptional comfort, confidence, and credibility. You'll be more focused, expressive and audience-centered, using body language, stories, and a more dynamic voice to motivate and inspire listeners. 


Get ready to improve dramatically and more rapidly than you thought possible. Here are just a few areas in which our training will help you:

  • Developing a performance persona for leadership

  • Transitioning into a new role with more visibility

  • Pitching your products, services, or vision.

  • Improving your vocal skills and stage presence.

  • Strengthening your ability to deliver a powerful message.

  • Conquering fear and enjoying public speaking.

  • Job or promotion interview preparation and practice.

  • Skills in persuasion with prospects, customers, clients, and boards.

  • Motivating and activating employees and stakeholders

  • Becoming a memorable speaker who reliably produces results.

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