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Executive Leadership Academy



“If you go through life casually, you will end up a casualty” That is why leaders must have a vision.

Our Servuces

Leadership isn’t just about giving orders. It’s about having a purpose that’s bigger than yourself and setting an example that others can follow. (Think Gandhi or Moses.) Are those kinds of leaders born, or can they be made? At Generation Ignite, we believe they can be made—and we’ll teach you how! Although taking charge and putting others first comes more naturally to some people than to others, everyone has the capacity to lead—and the essential qualities that make someone a good leader are traits that anyone can develop. In this workshop, we’ll examine the two pillars of servant leadership, competence and moral integrity, and explore how you can develop them in your life. We’ll also look at some of history’s iconic leaders, from King David to Nelson Mandela, to see what we can glean about good (and bad) leadership from their examples.

"You don't have to be GREAT to get started but you have to get started to be GREAT!"


"At the end of the day, people follow those who know where they're going."

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