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Why Choose Generation Ignite?

Our History: 


Generation Ignite was established in Upstate New York in 2015 by founder and current president Dr. Roshon R. Bradley. His inspiration for serving people came from his late mother Lisa D. Bradley, who dedicated her life to serving others. Being raised in a home that taught Christian values and principles, Dr. Bradley saw the positive effects that they had on people’s lives. Combining those values and principles with his passion for learning and teaching others, Dr. Bradley started Generation Ignite as a way to honor his mother’s legacy and to be a blessing to all people no matter what their gender, religion, or race might be. His personal motto is “Love God and Love People.”


Dr. Bradley has dedicated most of his life to loving and serving others in a wide variety of leadership capacities: school principal, father, husband, minister, trainer, coach, and entrepreneur. His faith in God and committed work ethic have allowed him to experience great success from an early age to the present. His goal is to share his journey and knowledge with others so they too can experience great success.

Our Mission:

Generation Ignite is committed to developing people with the essential skills and mindset that they need to become their personal best selves while equipping them to become effective servant leaders within their areas of influence.



“Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant.”

Matthew 20:26

Our Belief: 

Everyone has the capacity to lead. Leaders lead by example.

Is to equip a significant number of servant leaders with the necessary leadership skills that it takes to go out into the world and make it a better place for future generations to come.

Our Vision: 
Sevant Leadership - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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